Board of Commissioners

District 1
Nicole SaBell
2210 Greenway Drive
Aurora, NE 68818
District 2
Rich Nelson – (Board Chairman)
721 Turtle Beach
Marquette, NE 68854
District 3
John W. Thomas
1119 8th Street
Aurora, NE 68818
District 4
Nancy J. Salmon
1206 Giltner Spur
Phillips, NE 68865
District 5
Francis McDonald
1607 N. F Road
Phillips, NE 68865
Commissioner Districts

Voting Precincts

Aurora Voting Wards

Public Participation

The Hamilton County Board of Commissioners have adopted Rules and Regulations concerning public participation at meetings and public hearings. Please review these Rules and Regulations.

Agendas & Minutes

Property Valuation Protests

Property valuation protests can be filed with the Hamilton County Clerk. You will need to fill out Form 422 and submit with any additional information. Form 422 can be found here, or you can obtain a copy at the County Clerk’s Office.

Filing dates, information, and procedures can be found here.

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