Geographic Information Systems

GIS Coordinator
Evan Jasnowski
1111 13th Street, Suite 7
Aurora, NE 68818


The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department for Hamilton County is responsible for managing the mapping needs of the county. GIS maintains layers of geographic information in a computerized format. Geographic analysis of this data provides officials a better understanding of existing conditions in the county, improving their ability to deliver services to citizens. Beyond maintaining and updating information, GIS creates custom maps and searches its layers of data for specific information. This service is provided to a wide range of city and county departments, citizens and businesses. For the general public, GIS publishes standard maps available at a reasonable cost, and will design custom maps at an hourly rate. The Hamilton County GIS department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the county’s digital spatial database and provides state-of-the-art mapping and data services to local government departments, citizens, businesses and visitors.

Downloadable Maps

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