Statutes Pertaining to Roads

39-302.  Roads; sprinkler irrigation system; restrictions; violations; penalty.

39-304.  Injuries to roads, bridges, gates milestones; penalty.

39-305.  Plowing up road; penalty.

39-308.  Removal of traffic hazards; Determined by Department of Roads and local authority; violation; penalty.

39-310.  Depositing materials on roads or ditches; penalties.

39-1802.  Public roads; drainage facilities; construction and maintenance; authority of county board; damage to property outside of right-of-way.

39-1811.  Weeds; mowing; duty of landowner; neglect of duty; obligation of county board; cost; assessment and collection.

39-1812.  Hedges and trees; trimming; duty of landowners.

60-6,129.  Interference with official traffic control devices or railroad signs or signals; prohibited; liability in civil action.

60-6,130.  Signs, markers, devices, or notices; prohibited acts; penalty.

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