Planning & Zoning

Zoning Administrator

1111 13th St., Suite 7
Aurora, NE 68818

The Hamilton County Planning & Zoning Department oversees all Zoning for Hamilton County, and the Villages of Giltner, Hampton, Hordville, Marquette, Phillips, and Stockham.

The primary responsibility of the Hamilton County Planning & Zoning Department is to administer and enforce zoning regulations.  Issuing zoning permits, process applications, processing complaints and violations, issuing County 911 addresses, and interpreting the zoning regulations are also responsibilities. We strive hard to assist citizens with applications, permitting, zoning requirements, questions, and all matters pertaining to zoning.

The Department schedules all public hearings for the Joint Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment, and the Governing Bodies for issues pertaining to zoning. The Zoning Administrator is also the Floodplain Administrator and responsible for the Community Map Repository and all issues pertaining to floodplain and floodplain development permits within Hamilton County and the Villages of Giltner, Hampton, Marquette, and Stockham Zoning Jurisdiction.

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