Noxious Weed Department

Noxious Weed Superintendent
Jeremy Brandt
1509 A Street
Aurora, NE 68818


To enforce and carry out the Nebraska Noxious Weed Control Act and to encourage and promote better weed control practices in Hamilton County.

Duties & Requirments

  • Being certified, in writing, by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture as a commercial applicator.
  • Examining all lands under the jurisdiction of the control authority to determine if the Noxious Weed Control Act and the rules and regulations are being complied with.
  • Compiling infestation data and other reports as the Director of Agriculture or control authority may require.
  • Supervising and carrying out the coordinated control program within the county.
  • Completing 20 hours of continuing education, annually.
  • Ascertaining and tabulating the approximate amount and location of land infested with noxious weeds in the county, annually.
  • Ascertaining and preparing information required by the county board for preparation of the county budget.

Important Notices & Information

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