Nebraska Noxious Weeds

Below are pictures of the Noxious Weeds of Nebraska that are requried to be controlled. If you click on the picture, you will find information on how to identify and control these weeds. If you need assistance, please contact the Hamilton County Noxious Weed Superintendent.

Nebraska Invasive Weeds

Monitor these species if on your lands. If these plants are allowed to go uncontrolled, they can soon become another noxious weed that is monitored and enforced by your county control authority. Hamilton County has the Tallgrass and Mixed grass prairie ecosystems. Below are links to the invasive weeds that can be found in our ecosystems, and what you can do to help the spread.

Types of Invasive Plants

  • Priority Invasive Plants – Species are top priority for eradication for new and existing populations
  • Established Invasive Plants – Species are established and prevention of spread to new areas is a priority
  • Future Invasive Plants – Species not known to exist in each ecoregion, but pose a significant risk if introduced
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